Australian Butchers‘ Guild Podcast

Episode 7: Spotlight on Rod and Julie Leaver, Edgehill Butchery Cairns

November 10, 2021

Ever thought about working in the tropics? Not many butchers shops have their own back up power supply or have the flexibility to drop another coolroom over the fence for the festive season so they can store more meat for throughout that period and in case of cyclones and tropical stores cut off supplies.

Julie & Rod Leaver have lived and worked in tropical Queensland all their lives. They are the proud owners of a unique award winning butcher shop called Edgehill Butchery in Cairns, the shop has a history that dates back to the early 1900`s. Imagine how hard it would have been to operate a butcher shop back in that period with the humidity, primitive utilities and infrastructure along with the constant threat of cyclones.

Julie and Rod talk about how they have transformed the dated butcher shop into a modern shop where their lucky customers have access to some of Australia`s finest beef and lamb brands and how they encouraged their customers to support their value added range of products, plus what they have done to ensure they can operate under the tropical weather conditions that occur.


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